About Us

“Kovaci-Alb” had started the activity in 2000 in Switzerland. After several years of successful in fixing windows, they started two new activities. It started production of plastic doors and windows (PVC) and aluminum.


As a reference during this period worked in different projects located in Switzerland, such as commercial centers, stadiums, business centers, schools, hospitals, residential centers including and individual villas

Ismajl KOVACI, General Manager



Market expansion from 2007 (Albania)

During this time specialists working near the company gained more experience and expertise in these projects, in a country with high standards like Switzerland. After this successful experience in Switzerland, and after careful analysis made in Albanian market, we noticed that what this marked needs is professionalism, realization of projects with high quality products and competitive prices. For this reason experts of “Kovaci-Alb” elaborated to move the activity in Albania to fulfill the market’s the needs.


In 2007 after a series of successful experience, “Kovaci-Alb” launches the first project in Albania in consultancy, design, production, aluminum installation and metal construction. “Kovaci-Alb” offers construction and aluminum facade, glass facade, aluminum and plastic doors and windows, aluminum and slide glass doors, aluminum windows and glass for balconies, verandas and terrace. Except these, in our activities are included even construction in metallic iron and steel starting from doors and windows, facade and balustrade. Also a great importance in our services has the installation of glass armor, against noise and against fire. Our staff consists of professionals with experience, new ideas and energy which operate in a competitive environment at any time. We offer professionalism, high quality and competitive prices and based in this point of view, we have launched two new services: plastic production and its assembly. We want to bring a new spirit in the albanian market, in production and construction of assembly, aluminum , metal and plastic .With responsibility and quality we will make reality what you are dreaming of: the doors, windows or the facades that you are looking for, we are just a phone call away.

Market expansion from 2009 (North Macedonia)

In January 2009 the company “Kovaci-Alb” started the production line for doors and windows in Skopje (Macedonia). Seeing the success of high quality production with German products began to feel the need for its expansion into the European market. Today the company “Kovaci-Alb” is presented with its subsidiaries in the European market in Switzerland, Germany, Italy and Austria with the production of doors and windows with a high quality, with European parameters of German products “Schuko”.
The company “Kovaci-Alb” exports doors, aluminum and plastic windows throughout the European market according to recognized European standards. 70% of the production capacity of the company “Kovaci-Alb”, as doors and windows is destined for the Swiss market.
We guarantee you production, transportation and assembly in a timely manner, the most favorable quality and price on the market.